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Fitness at home offer mobile and home based personal training in Plmouth and south Devon.

Everyone wants to know how to lose weight fast, fast weight loss help, exercise to lose weight, food to lose weight...the list goes on and on! 
The fastest way to lose weight would be to burn 500 calories a day by exercising and to eat 500 calories less in food and drink a day. By doing this you will be 7000 calories lighter a week and you will lose 2/3 pounds a week. If you want to lose weight even faster then change what you drink to only water! An average person should drink 2 litres of water a day. You should lose 3/4 pounds a week or more depending on your age and size.
Try this for a week or so and see how you get on. Remember to write down your measurments and you could take some photos before you start. 
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The Eat-well Plate is also supported by 8 specific healthy eating tips as stated by the Food Standards Agency:
Base your meals on starchy foods and eat lots of fruit and vegetables ( 5 portions per day).
Eat more fish (2 portions a week, 1 oily ), cut down on saturated fat and sugar ,try to eat less salt-no more then 6g a day.
Get active and try to be a healthy weight, drink plenty of water ( 6-8 glasses per day ) and don't skip breakfast.
Hire a Fitness At Home Personal Trainer in Plymouth, Devon. 

 Enjoy exercise, don't think of it as a chore. If you really hate exercise think about why you hate it so much and try doing the exercise that you like or enjoy to start with. It could be just walking every day and then maybe throw in some sit up or body squats the following week. Make sure you change your exercise or fitness routine every now and then, as your body will get used to it. You don't want your body getting used to it unless you are totally happy with your body and fitness level. We want to continue to make changes and see great results

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For your very own custom built program, tailored to your needs, give us a call today! We will take all the guess work out for you. We will show you what exercises to do and what to eat and drink every day. All you have to do is follow our plan, watch your body change and see your amazing results. Most of our clients see results within just 2 weeks from starting a new personal training program in Plymouth, Devon

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Covering Plymouth and south Devon.  We are helping people reach their fitness goals, lose weight, tone up, gain muscle and improve fitness levels. This includes diet plans and many personal training packages, tailored to the needs of everyone in beautiful Plymouth, Devon.