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Covering all aspects of your fitness needs at home in Plymouth and South Devon.

Corporate workplace Exercise & Fitness class in Plymouth & South Devon


Work place exercise class for staff and employees. Corporate and Business fitness to make sure your staff are performing their very best.
Our fitness workplace class in available in Plymouth, Plympton, Ivybridge, Buckfastleigh, Ashburton, Tavistock, Saltash, Devon.

We offer companies and businesses a fun work place fitness class, which includes warm up stretches, main exercises to improve the cardiovascular system and a cool down to improve flexibility. 

The exercise class can be done before work, during staff lunch breaks or even after work.   

 Please note: This Exercise class would be a gentle fitness class to help staff and employees to feel awake and alert ready to improve their very best. 

If you or your staff would like a more tailored exercise program, I would recommended booking a one to one Personal Training session with myself. 

Make sure your employees are performing at their best. 

Exercise has been proven to improve work performance 
The group exercise program can take place at your business for all staff. Employees can enjoy a 30 minute fitness session before/after work or even in the lunch break to get them refreshed and ready to perform at their very best. 

Only £30

If you would like to book or would like more information please feel free to contact us or fill in the form below. 

Examples of the top 5 benefits are;
1) Have more energy. 
Fitness programs ensure that fit individuals have more energy, 
and thus can devote more time to their jobs. 
2) Concentrate better.
Research shows a relationship between fitness and the mind. 
The fitter you are, the  better your mental performance will be - 
and this includes your  ability to concentrate. 
This has a performance benefit: if you  can focus more intensely on 
the project at hand, the quality of your work will be better. 
3) More creative
Fit employees tend to be more creative. We interviewed an executive running a national construction firm  they commented,  “ I have some  of the most creative thoughts when I'm working out”
4) More self-confidence
If you stick to your daily exercise and diet goals your self  confidence will improve day  by day. This is important as studies 
have shown  that self-confidence and job  performance are clearly related. 
5) Cope better with stress
Daily exercise and healthy eating reduces anxiety and helps in handling daily stress. Daily exercise and a proper diet have a physiological effect on individuals, impacting mood and how we handle stress

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Corporate and company, businesses fitness & exercise class in the workplace in Plymouth, Plympton, Plymstock, Ivybridge, Buckfastleigh, Ashburton, Saltash, Tavistock, Devon & Cornwall. Fun and enjoyable professional personal training session for staff and employees in the workplace. Call Fitness At Home today!