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Massage Gun Therapy

We are now offering a Home based massage gun therapy service in the following areas: Plymouth, Plympton, Plymstock, Ivybridge, 

South Brent, Buckfastleigh, Devon. 

We  know its not easy to reach all areas of the body for muscle recovery or to reduce pain. Lower back pain can be a very hard to reach area and for you to be fully relaxed is not possible when trying to massage yourself. 

Let us help you with your recovery and pain release by booking a home based massage gun therapy session. 

We have 30 minute sessions and 45 minute sessions available. 

Massage Gun Therapy Benefits:

Relaxation and Overall Wellness of Body and Mind

Increased Blood and Lymphatic Circulation

Muscle Strength and Mass

Reduce Muscle Soreness

Improved Sports Performance

Rehabilitation – Post Injury Care - Recover faster

Pain Relief

Nervous System Stimulation

Facilitates Lactic Acid Release

Improved Flexibility

Injury Prevention

Massage Gun Therapy in Plymouth, Devon
Home massage service in Plymouth


30 Minute Massage Gun Therapy Service: 

Only £40

45 Minute Massage Gun Therapy Service:

Only £50

Please fill in the contact us form to book a home based massage gun therapy appointment. You can reach the page by clicking on the green "Book Here" button or by clicking on the "Contact Us" page at the top of this page. Thank you. 

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